Longing at a London Arts Centre

Our October 2023 Exiled Lit Cafe By Catherine Temma Davidson Tamara Henderson from the Camden Arts Centre website:https://camdenartcentre.org/ It was a rainy Thursday in the middle of October. If you believe in energy fields, you could say that the whole city of London was subdued, reverberating with the shock of the events in Israel and [...]

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Cultural Dialogue Across Boundaries

by Omer Aksoy   26 June 2023 Here were five of us from the EWI group at a very interesting and transformative event, with lots of fun too. We dived into this fascinating art form, translation, a form that allows for the exchange of ideas and cultural expressions across borders. Last Wednesday, we had the [...]

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Refugee Week 2023

The theme of this year’s Refugee Week was compassion. Compassion is sorely needed at a time when the UK Government has created an increasingly difficult situation for asylum seekers and refugees through its recent Nationality and Borders Act and is now intent on passing the Illegal Immigration Bill which will further erode human rights protection [...]

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Exiled Writers Ink Speaks Out at Rally

By Jennifer Langer As the Exiled Writers Ink contingent neared the Royal Courts of Justice in London, the sounds of chanting and drumming reached us and then, arriving at the rally outside the Courts, we each picked up a banner and we too protested in solidarity:  Say it loud, say it clear Refugees are welcome [...]

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Exiled Writers Ink at the Calais Refugee Camp, October 2015

I gasp at my first sight of the so-called ‘Jungle’ camp which is of a sprawl of never-ending tents and of groups of young men walking aimlessly in squalid conditions. The 6,000 predominantly young male migrants originate from Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan and Eritrea with a few from Somalia. They have fled from horrific situations in [...]

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