Exiled Writers Ink brings together writers from repressive regimes and war-torn situations and it equally embraces migrants and exiles. Providing a space for writers to be heard, Exiled Writers Ink develops and promotes the creative literary expression of refugees, migrants and exiles, encourages cross-cultural dialogue and advocates human rights through literature and literary activism.

The network provides a platform for the work of writers living in the UK and mainland Europe through performance, publishing, training and education activities. We believe that the literature and culture of exile can provide a focus for communication and integration throughout society and act as a force for positive change.

Exiled Writers Ink was formally established in 2000 and is a registered charity.


I am sorry to inform you that our dear patron Musa Farhi has died after a long illness.

Born in Ankara, Turkey, he was deeply committed to the cause and ethos of Exiled Writers Ink and frequently read his poetry speaking out for the oppressed at our events, his beautiful sonorous voice reflecting his acting background. He cared deeply about the persecuted and about imprisoned and endangered writers and was only too willing to be involved in our events for this cause and to write letters to officialdom advocating on writers’ behalf. He was a good friend over the years to so many refugee and migrant writers in our network.

He was a prizewinning novelist and short story writer as well as a poet and essayist and his work included the novels The Pleasure of Your Death (Constable, 1972); The Last of Days (Bodley Head & Crown, US, 1983); Journey Through the Wilderness (Macmillan/Picador, 1989); Children of the Rainbow (Saqi, 1999), Young Turk (2004) and A Designated Man (Saqi, 2009)

It was a delight and honour to be involved with such a warm, caring person.

You can read more about him on our website writers’ page https://www.exiledwriters.co.uk/portfolio-items/musa-moris-farhi/

Dr Jennifer Langer
Founding Director Exiled Writers Ink


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