Exiled Writers Ink and The Literary Consultancy present

Access to the UK Literature World

for Writers with Refugee and Migrant Backgrounds

Saturday 13th February from 3 to 5 pm on Zoom

With magazine, poetry and prose publishers and editors.
Ask your questions.

Aki Schilz of The Literary Consultancy
Clare Pollard of Modern Poetry in Translation
Kevin Duffy of Bluemoose Books
Briony Bax of Ambit
Michael Schmidt of Carcanet
Emily Berry of Poetry Review

Entrance: £5 and £3 for 2021 EWI members

Final Event of the Mentoring and Translation Project

Exiled Writers Ink Invites You to

Two Nights of Special Showcase Launches

Come and hear amazing new exiled writers launch their chap books

Chap books

All have been mentored by established writers and translators:

Alireza Abiz, Atef Alshaer, Aviva Dautch, Catherine Davidson, Isabel del Rio, Jane Duran, Graham Fawcett, Hamid Kabir, Ariel Kahn and Nick Makoha.

Poetry: Thursday 21st January at 7 pm via Zoom
or register here on Eventbrite

Prose: Thursday 28th January at 7 pm via Zoom
or register here on Eventbrite

We hope you will feature the work in your magazines, events, festivals and publications

Entrance: £5 and £3 for 2021 EWI members
Chap books: £5 for one and £12 for three

Part of the Exiled Writers Ink Mentoring and Translation Scheme funded by


Nina and Roger Stewart Charitable Trust

Exiled Writers Ink National Mentoring and Translation Scheme

Our Mentoring and Translation scheme continues.

Chapbooks for each participant will be published and then launched to the literary world. A training session on access to the UK literary world will then be organised.

We are proud that these established writers and translators are involved in the scheme as mentors and translators:

Alireza Abiz, Atef Alshaer, Aviva Dautch, Catherine Davidson, Isobel del Rio, Jane Duran, Graham Fawcett, Hamid Kabir, Ariel Kahn and Nick Makoha.

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Nina and Roger Stewart
Charitable Trust

Creative Writing Workshops for 2021

If you’re a refugee, immigrant or asylum-seeking writer and are interested in exploring your own poetry and prose Exiled Writers Ink offers the following classes. 

The classes are free but you need to join Exiled Writers Ink: £15 for the year.

Apply to Jennifer

If there are problems paying, please discuss this in confidence.

Reading Like a Poet (A Weekly Cooperative Poetry Class)

Each week we read a poem from a notable poet around the world. We dig into the craft, ethos, theme, context and insight the poem offers. Each person in the class will be asked to share, taking turns in presenting one poet. Poets will be encouraged to write a weekly poem in response, and there will be a chance to share one new poem a month for group feedback. 

Wednesdays 6.30 to 7.30 pm via Zoom

Tutor: Catherine Davidson

The Craft of Poetry (Monthly)

This is a class designed for a deeper dive into the craft of poetry. The class focuses on different aspects of poetic form and meaning. Poets will practise techniques to draw the reader into the space of the poem. Themes include: the art of the line, stanzas, voice, imagery, poetic forms and ‘how to title’ a poem. The focus on specific aspects of craft will lead to deeper engagement with your own poems, and poets are expected to actively engage in writing and revision. 

Saturdays 3.00 to 5.00 pm via Zoom

Tutor: Dr Denise Saul

Sharing Your Work (A Cooperative Support Group – Monthly)

This is a group designed to support writers who are ready to share their work with the outside world. Each month we will meet to share and set goals. We will offer each other insights into publishing opportunities, prizes, awards and other public forums. The goal is to take a professional approach to getting your voice out into the world, but to do that as part of a team. Our ethos is to cheer each other on, help each other out: comrades – not competitors – in the art of “shipping” your work.

First Monday of the Month, by Zoom 6 to 7 pm 

Begins 1st March 2021

Facilitator: Catherine Davidson

Prose Writing (Monthly)

This is a group designed for writers who are currently working a on a novel/novella, memoir or other long-form prose project. Each month writers will be selected in advance to present an excerpt from their current project for critique and constructive feedback on their work. Depending on the readings, we hope to be able to explore different aspects and techniques as they arise and to offer continued and more in-depth support throughout the evolution of longer-term writing projects. 

Third Thursday every month, 6 to 8 pm

Begins 25th February 2021

Tutors: Elena Croitoru and Danielle Maisano

Exiled Writers Ink Free Reads Scheme with the Literary Consultancy

  • The scheme involves The Literary Consultancy providing a detailed assessment of writers’ literary work to help develop your work.
  • The Free Read scheme is for low-income, high-quality writers.

On Job Seeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Disability Benefit, Working Tax Credit and for students, Over 60s and Other. ‘Other’ is for anyone on a low income (i.e. under the minimum wage over the year). Proof is required by the TLC.

  • Exiled Writers Ink will select writers who we think would benefit from the scheme.
  • The scheme is open to writers of poetry and prose, including short stories, scripts, screenplays and radio plays.
  • Writers can submit an extract of their work or the full manuscript across fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, scripts and screenplays.

The Literary Consultancy Free Reads Scheme offers talented, low-income writers the opportunity to apply for bursaried (non-fee paying) access to their valuable commercial services for writers. Established in 1996 as the first service of its kind in the UK, The Literary Consultancy (TLC) offers writers the opportunity to receive an honest, market-aware appraisal of their work through its long-running manuscript assessment service, available for extracts or full manuscripts across fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, scripts and screenplays. TLC has helped a number of writers on to publication, but its main aim is to support writers in developing their work. TLC hand-matches each incoming manuscript to a suitable reader from its list of 80+ professional editors, and writers can expect to receive feedback in the form of a written critique, sent within 4-6 weeks of the application being processed.

If a TLC reader finds that a manuscript is at a very high standard and he or she thinks there may be a potential market for it as well, then we ask the writer to do the necessary revisions and send it to our office where the TLC office will then reassess the manuscript. If TLC finds that they can support a quality manuscript, then they try to place it with an agent. TLC scouts for literary talent, but we never recommend that a writer seek an assessment if their only interest is in being published.