Since its foundation in 2000, Exiled Writers Ink has worked on many projects designed to support the work of exiled writers, refugees, and migrants. Our work comprises

creative writing workshops, training, live literature performance events, theatre, mentoring, translation, publications, symposia and poetry competitions roadshows

Our theatre projects have included productions in partnership, performed in the UK and in Poland, Italy and Bosnia.

Our Objectives

  • To provide support to exiled writers, refugees, and migrants through publishing opportunities, other creative employment, performance experience and access to workshops and editorial feedback from qualified tutors and professional writers
  • To encourage cross-cultural dialogue and to provide a platform for those who have experienced life under repressive regimes and war-torn situations to speak out, act as witnesses and to protest against and raise awareness of the abuse of human rights worldwide.
  • Exiled Writers Ink has a policy of confronting difficult, current issues by providing writers with opportunities to express themselves and cross divides.
  • To bring conflicted groups together to explore individual narratives, culture, memory, fears and experience through discussion, creative writing workshops and performance events that provide insight into the complexity of identity and enable us to resist hostile narratives.
  • To ensure that artists of refugee and migrant background receive fair payment and due credit for their creative work by external organisations.

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Our Team

Jennifer Langer

Jennifer Langer

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Catherine Temma Davidson


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  • Chair: Catherine Temma Davidson
  • Shamim Azad
  • Elena Croitoru
  • Lester Gomez
  • Fatima Hagi
  • Valbona Luta
  • Danielle Maisano
  • Nada Menzalji
  • Taffi Nyawanza
  • Agata Palmer
  • Denise Saul
  • Rouhi Shafii


  • Alev Adil
  • Lisa Appignanesi
  • Howard Jacobson
  • Timberlake Wertenbaker


  • Dr Simon Altman
  • Chinwe Azubuike
  • Robert Chandler
  • Elena Croitoru
  • Catherine Davidson
  • Isabel del Rio
  • Moris (Musa) Farhi, MBE
  • Berta Freistadt
  • Michelle Fuller
  • Adel Guemar
  • Hisae Hironaka
  • Usha Kishore
  • Rhonda Klevansky
  • Dr Tony Klug
  • Stanley Langer
  • Penelope Maclachlan
  • Elizabeth Mansfield
  • Jenny Manson
  • Alexandra Marinkov
  • Nasrin Parvaz
  • J. M. Petherbridge
  • Alan Pulverness
  • Isabelle Romaine
  • Elizabeth Vice
  • Shirin Razavian
  • Alemu Tebeje Ayele
  • Lynette and Robert Craig
  • Janan Saab