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Members of Exiled Writers Ink, we are refugee and migrant writers who fled from our countries of origin because of oppression, persecution, war, imprisonment, torture and deprivation of freedom of speech. We are angry about the Government’s cruel plan to dump asylum seekers in Rwanda. Many of us were traumatised because of our experiences and [...]

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Words And Worlds: Transformation And Creation

In March 2022, Exiled Writers Ink organised an exciting event hosted by Pen to Print: 'Women Writing Resistance through Poetry'  This article is by © Madeleine White, 2022 as originally published for write on Pentoprint.org A couple of nights ago, my 24-year-old daughter was sitting in a nightclub I’d frequented in the eighties, canoodling [...]

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Karim Haidari, journalist

Karim Haidari, who had been working as a BBC journalist in Afghanistan, and who recently fled to the UK, told his story for the BBC Radio 4 Programme 'From Our Own Correspondent'. It was also selected for Radio 4's 'Pick of the Week' programme. He has given Exiled Writers Ink permission to include it as [...]

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Jennifer Langer’s Blog 

On 21st August 2021 I receive an e-mail from an Afghan writer who had previously lived in Britain and has been working as a journalist in Afghanistan and needs to return to Britain. I had innocently asked him whether he and his family were back here and receive a response which is concerning ‘Tried once [...]

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The Exiled Writers Ink Bart Wolffe Poetry Prize Award 2018

The Bart Wolffe Poetry Prize Award A little more than a year after joining the board of Exiled Writers Ink, and a few months after agreeing to Chair the board for the year, on March 29th, I attended the Bart Wolffe Poetry Award evening and was reminded of why this organization is so valuable and [...]

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