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Yashar Ahad Saremi

Ahad Saremi

Yashar Ahad Saremi, born December 29th, 1972 Iran in city of Tabriz. Graduate 1994 from film school in Turkey. Came to United States, California Los Angeles in 1994. Married to Guner Akgun in Turkey. Have 3 children.

Published books in Farsi:
Arthur’s house: selected short stories, 2000 Los Angeles, published by Rira
Yashar’s quartets 2004 Los Angeles
Selected short stories published by Narnejestan
Tabrizian sonnets poetry 2005 Tehran Iran Vistar Publishers

The song of ibn- salam 1
Translated by : Richard McKane

because i believe the word of the red rose
i’d say you are the red rose’s son
because i know all the receivers are hopeless
i’ll put red phones at each table
so you can call those who have
hands wounded from birth
please check your emails
before you begin the last supper
i bought the airplane tickets for you
if you are able to come
i give you my word that
i’ll change places with judas
so the price of wine and cigarettes won’t go up
now for my sins
and for the goats who wag their tails on the edge
do not give away your flesh and your blood to them,
your deep redness,
come over, smoke, and give life to the woods
The song of ibn- salam 2
Translated by : Richard McKane
i had been listening to memories of iron bars and chains
then i started flying

the indian face that was behind the wheel
was not smiling and said:
“ there it is, sinbad’s tower “

the waiter with a smile from outer space

took me to one of the tables
that were flying in the air

as soon as i saw the bird in the saucer

the deepest scent of rose
came out of my hands
– what would you like to eat tonight?
you lover, the waiter asked.

when i extended my hand to the bird,
suddenly my friends appeared around
the table still sitting on their chairs

and words wandered from mouth to mouth

“we desire your flesh and blood, you red rose”

while i was looking for my father,
the phone rang

it was judas who was calling me, he said
“stravinsky ordered the fire bird for you”

…when he showed up he was wearing
a red shirt and leather jacket

this time he had his hair cut short
he extended his hand to the bird

when he bit the wing
he turned into a swarm of golden flames

i saw my father leaving on his wooden horse