Project Description

Sozan Mohamed was born in Suleimanya, Iraqi Kurdistan in 1973 and worked as a radiographer. She came to Britain as a refugee with her husband who was forced to fleeand they walked across the mountains in a nightmare journey (shown on TV News), finally arrriving in Turkey and subsequently London in 1995. She is currently studying for a Law degree at the University of Westminster. She has always written short stories in Sorani but has never had them published. Her special interest is women and several of her articles were published in Kurdish newspapers.

Here and There

My steps are dragging me along the road
My remote imagination demanding an inspiration
They are sailing through the ocean
Walking in a dark field
And flying through the space
Just to find an inspiration
I used to be inspired by the sun… the moon
…..the sea and the sky
Even the walls of my bedroom were inspiring
Ideas were pouring through my pen
Splashing on pages after pages of my writing
While now they are out of my reach
I am now an unfinished symphony
Left in front of a sick composer
I am an unfinished portrait
Left shattered in the middle of nowhere
Or perhaps,
I am a lost individual
Left divided between here and there…

The letter

I looked senseless, emotionless
My eyes on the folded letter
Reading the crying words
Listening to the deep voice inside the words
I could hear her crying
Feel her shaken handwriting
I could even see her tear
Pouring all over the letter
While she was writing
Now her tear are dried golden spots
Hanging over the surface of each word
I felt she was holding me in her arms
Fixing my picture inside her circle eyes
Dancing with me in her empty house
Inside an empty land
Back to here again
Where day and night
Crowds and remoteness are passing by
While I remain like a senseless statute
Like a standstill picture
Framed and hanged
Beside my mother’s bed

The song which is still in my ears

I was sailing through an endless ocean
Dancing with the ocean’s vigorous waves
Heading toward a bleary horizon
From which
I was perceiving all my hidden memories
They are taking me back to where I was belong
To the place I want to visit once more
To the late summer night
When I was laying in the grass
Underneath the red and blue lights
Listening to the cool night symphony
In harmony with my mother’s voice
While she was whispering into my ears
Singing her gentle song
The song which is still in my ears
However those memories are flying out from my imagination
Throwing me back to here,
To my empty house
Where I am sitting by the piano
My fingers are striking the keys
Playing the dead musical notes
While my mind is playing
The song which is still in my ears…