Project Description

Reza Mohammadi


Reza was born In Afghanistan in 1979. He studied Philosophy at Tehran University, and is now studying for an MA in Globalisation at London Metropolitan University.

The voice took me out of my body
The voice changed to a man and embraced me

The voice was the royal horse pulling my soul
Taking me to the mountains, valleys and deserts

What delusion that from the beginning of my creation
Drew me Strange and irritable temper, and wanderer

Cut me to two half then drew you of me
Then took me away from you

Painted a door of death among us
Then made me a peg outside the door

I did not like this so I erased this painting
Began to Paint you and me again

Painted us as two birds in two cages
Didn’t like it then erased my wings

Didn’t like this, so erased all the painting
and then, Painted you a father and me a son

We were freed
you became a moon and me a stone
Watching you changed me to blood again

Did not like it again so made you a desert
Because of you made me aurora breeze

Did not like it again so angrily erased and erased and erased all
Painted me a cup of tea of good and evil

Made you sugar and resolved you in me
Then took it to her lips and drunk me for ever