Project Description

Shaee Raouf


Shaee Raouf is originally Kurdish Iraqi. She came to the UK at the age of nine and ended her legal career after gaining her Masters in Law. She currently performs throughout London and is passionate about Middle Eastern Art and Culture.

the room

oh i know i shouldnt be envious of other rooms
but everyone around here is getting makeover, getting redecorated, getting extended
i keep telling myself its about internal happiness
you know… know your own worth
and god no one is perfect
no one is perfect

i mean sure i smell sometimes
but its the damp you see
and with a dash of paint maybe some wallpaper
maybe some fresh air
i know the smell will go

but tell me why you dont open the curtains sometimes
why dont you open the bloody curtains sometimes
that beautiful view out side
i would love to see that beautiful view outside
sometimes i get distracted, get off track, the track
Anyhow back to your questions:
yes, yes i am the busiest room in this house
40 girls visit me each day
and the men, the men i loose count of,
maybe three times as many as the girls

the girls are all very pretty
some are as young as 12
its always the same- but different- if you know what i mean

1 man 1 girl
1 girl many men

some of the girls scream and they shake and they cry
some of them are beaten until they are unconscious
– and then you know what happens –

the rest, the rest
especially the really young ones
lay frozen
with their eyes wide open
and they are forever mute when it happens

no one fakes it unfortunately

its all very real and its ongoing

HA! back to the question of the walls
I’m not quite sure
to paint or to have wallpaper
maybe both!