Project Description

Lara Popovic


Lara Popovic is a 27 year old poet and visual artist of Serbian origin. Her work has appeared in magazines across the U.K and U.S, including Adanna, Inclement, and La Reata. She lives in London.

Divided (from A Botanical Guide to Love)

The gate from joy


The root from the stem

Who is your mother; eye of a winking moon?


Who is your soil, this gumption under your boots?

Who is your beloved; a tendril ripped from the whole?

Divided, go forth

Divided, run away again

Was the pressure of his mouth too much?

Was the sensation of his skin too much?

Divided, the ram-rod of the branding iron

Divided, the run-around thoughts in your mind

Who is your father; this wrinkle in a cloud?

Who is your teller; this God you imagine to be watching?

Who eats your feast; this dry scattering of crumbs?