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Hadi Qarachay


Hadi Qarachay was born in 1966 in a village near Tabriz called Suyari and completed high school in Tabriz. Since then he has been exiled in many different places including Baku and Germany. He was a political prisoner in Iran. He now lives in Finland. His first book was published in Germany and brought him fame in the Azerbaijani literature world. His second book entitled Garden of Almonds was a great gift for Azerbaijan poetry. He is editor of the journal ‘Suzonsozu’ which is one of the most prestigious in the Azeri world.

Sun be our Witness by Hadi Gharachai

Sun be our witness
Soil be our witness
Tree be our witness
Leaves be our witness
Of what is transpiring

Our reverie resembles a childhood dream
From speech to speech and from words tasting of love
We planted a tree
That was our sin


If only words were just combinations of sounds

When I say that I just fled soldiers armed with guns
You imagine that I talk about stars twinkling on your black dress

When I say „bullet”
You somehow smell a flower in this word

When I say that Sun is blindfolded and led away with his arms bound behind
You hear a heart pounding during lovemaking
You imagine a woman in the pangs of childbirth

Far from all the images, beyond all the words
I will look at you with my hungry eyes
And you will unbutton your red dress for me.


Out of all colours
It is as pretty as a birthmark, a little star on your chest

Out of all flowers
It is as pretty as a freckle on your neck

Out of all women
The only one to wear white dress in my whole life

Please spread the honey of your voice
On the bread of my name
And give it to the silver-haired child that I am

In a valley of my verse
A group of barefoot boys
Kick a ball around