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Robert Kabemba Mangidi


Robert Kabemba Mangidi is an academic, novelist, playwright and poet. He was born and grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire). He studied for an MA in Political Science and a BA Honours in Sociology at Wits University in South Africa and an MA in Political History at Lubumbashi University in DRC. He is married to Jeannette Munamundi Mulamba antd they have two children: Aristote Nzialu Kabemba and Thati Kabemba.

He is the author of ” United Kingdom”,” Black am I”, ” Cry of Africa”, ” No free man in Africa”,”Mulamba, femme noire”, ” Deep in my heart” , “UK the Rainbow Nation”and many more. To date, he has written 140 poems. His drama piece has been performed at the Contact Manchester.
He is currently searching for a publisher.


United Kingdom
Your name is United Kingdom
You are our nation
You are in the heart of our people
You are in the heart of our children

United Kingdom
My nation, mboka na ngai
Your nation, mboka na yo
Our nation, mboka na biso

United Kingdom
We are one people
We are one nation
Ekolo moko

United Kingdom
We are brothers
We are sisters
Let us be together
Let us work for our nation

United Kingdom
I am black, moto moyindo
You are White, mondele
His Indian, India
All we are one
Biso mbaso eloko moko

United Kingdom
Let us love each other
In the government, we are one
At school, we are one
In the market we are one
In football, we are one

United Kingdom
In the hospital, we are one
At work, we are one
In the church, we are one
Everywhere, we are one

United Kingdom
Say no to racism
Show a Red Card to it
Say no to discrimination
Show a Red Card to it

United Kingdom
Say yes to social cohesion
Say yes to unity
Diversity is a privilege

United Kingdom
You are in the heart of our nation
You are the future of our children
Let us be together
One world, many people