Project Description

Peter Godismo


Peter Godismo is a Nigerian poet now living in London. He has published three books: “A Snake in the King’s Palace”, “Chains and Rings” and “Miffed” and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe. His poems cover a wide range of issues, from love, hate, identity, tradition and governance. Peter belongs to Exiled Writers Ink, London Poetry Society, and The Artisan in the UK. He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Abuja literary Society(ALS), Guild of Artistes and Poets in Nigeria.

Call Me

Call me by the price
the weight of my birth
rode on the waist of spattered glory
and the cry, the cries
that rode long and loud
to God and the ancestors
to the hearing of gong and spirits
Call me, call me with knowing voices
each feeding my destiny with spirits
posting victories, stature, office
into the spells of life
that must make or unmake
the tale of my passage
to prove my inheritance freeborn
Call me with the sense and meaning
that locates my earth, my hut, my loins
call me with the chants that point
the ways, seasons, integrity, and my role
call me short or call me long
in sounds that roll out where I am
and where I am going.

from Chains and Rings by Pete Godismo