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Lester Gomez Medina

Lester Gomez Medina

Lester is a Nicaraguan-Costa Rican writer. His passion for the Spanish language, for narrative and poetry, led him to study Spanish Philology, a subject on which he graduated at the UCR in San José, Costa Rica. In parallel, Lester carried out studies at INA, where he graduated as a voice over. Since 2014, he has lived in London where he completed an MA on Audio-visual Translation at the University of Roehampton (2018). Currently, he also is part of literary writing groups working in English as well as Spanish. Lester currently works developing a number of poems inspired by his experiences living abroad; as he says, “having to leave where one comes from, is learning to live where one goes to”. 

dark clouds or quiet volcanos?

When I came to this country somebody asked me, 

“do you really think you’re talking English?” 

At the time, that lash didn’t strike that hard,

but it rumbled like thunder in the sky,

I replied nothing, lack of understanding 

used to keep the dark clouds away.

Where I come from, saying nothing was better as well, 

people like volcanos if they sleep quietly in the distance.

Damn! I don’t know what bothers me more,

dark clouds or sleeping quiet volcanos.

London, 25/ 4/ 2019