Project Description

Afsaneh Gitiforouz


Afsaneh Gitiforouz was born in Shiraz, Iran. There she completed a BSc in clinical psychology.
She left Iran in 1999 and finally settled in London in 2000 where she has been living since. She began writing in 2014, the outcome of which has been a full length novel and many poems that she calls “two-liners”. She is passionate about the poetry of Hafez (the 14th century Persian poet) and Rumi (The 13th century Persian poet). Afsaneh has been involved in organising or preparing the material content of a number of literary events including at the National Portrait Gallery.

“This train terminates here
Please make sure you take all your belongings with you”
I take a look at myself
Is there anything in me that belongs to me?
Or is it me that belongs to another entity?
Then I see
All my belongings have parted with me in this journey.


I have dreams
They are piling up
I am holding them with both my hands against my chest
Now my hands are getting numb under their weight
If I keep on holding them
My hands will not be able to do anything else
If I drop them
They will all shatter Into pieces around my feet
My hands will be free
Then I shall have to tread on my dreams
And leave.