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Jan-An Saab

Jan-an Saab

Fine Arts graduate & poet. Worked at embassies while pursuing further studies into Cranial Osteopathy. Since been working at Health Clinic of Chelsea Harbour Club. First collection of poetry was published online. She reads at Venues like ‘Troubadours Coffee House poetry’.

A June Night

At the beach with a friend at night,
the full moon lights the seaside.

Cordially walking hand-in-hand,
our shadows mirror on the sand.

A star shoots from the skies. We
read, ‘random display’ as wishful sign.

Gazing at the Stars’ infinity, we seem
tiny besides to the huge cosmic stance.

The sea waves echo their tunes, shiny
glittering surface shaded magnetic blue.

The Universe’s energy surges, plays its
popular music, invoking our flow.

In harmony we merge, dancing together
like sparks twinkling in the dark.