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Vesna Ruzicka


Vesna Ruzicka; Her varied career began in her home town of Sarajevo where she lectured in English language and literature which was followed by many years of active journalism. Coming to London in 1983, she worked as a producer for the BBC World Service and as a foreign correspondent for the Sarajevo Daily ‘Oslobodjenje’, as well as for the news agency SENSE. Theatre was one of her passions and included writing, directing, performing and producing plays for the University of Sarajevo Theatre company, as well as training young actors. She published The Use of Drama Techniques in ELT. She has completed a bilingual collection of poems and is in the process of finishing her first novel in English. She has also written a musical about the life and traditions of an old, now deserted Dalmatian village, which she hopes will be staged in London in the near future.

(from the collection Thanatos & Eros in the Abode of Invisibles)

Far away
his homeland groans
Powerless he sits
turning to stone
In his dispair, alone
darkness he faces
His memories bleed
his face motionless
On the surface
the tension mounts
unless you look deep
inside still deeper down
the anguish abides
A merciless intruder
eating him away
destroying him
from within
London, Spring 2000.

Zemlja daleko, stenje
Od nemoci, ne krsi ruke
vec skamenjen sjedi
Na licu ni trzaja
a napetost nagriza
Ne vidi je
ko ne gleda dublje
duboko, duboko
cemer se nastanio
raste, jaca, razara
kao nezvani gost
kao uljez izvana
kao ubojica iznutra
London, proljece 2000