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Nigar Hasan-Zadeh


Negar Hasan-Zadeh was born in Baku/Azerbaijan. She graduated in philology of Russian language and Literature from Baku University in 1998. In 2000 she published her first collection of poetry in Russian “On Wings over the Horizon” – Baku/Azerbaijan. In 2001 she became young member of the Azerbaijan Union of Writers. In 2001, she was awarded the Azerbaijan Academy’s National Public Prize for the volume “On Wings Over the Horizon”in nomination ” Best poetry book of the year”. In 2002 the book “ON WINGS OVER THE HORIZON” was published in London/England in translation of English poet-translator Richard McKane, who is world well know for his translations of great Russian poets such as Anna Akhmatova, N. Gumilyev, Osip Mandeshtam, Olga sedakova and ext.Her poems were translated into many languages and appeared in translations in many literature magazines all over the world. Negar was included in anthology of “Best Russian Women Poets of 20 century”, which is going to be published in London/UK and USA in September 2005. Antology was edited by Professor at Keele University -London/Uk Valentina Polukhina. Negar took part in many international poetry readings, and literature festivals. Her last collection of poetry “Under Alien Clouds…” was published in 2004 in Russian (Baku/Azerbaijan). New collection of poetry is getting translated in UK by poet R. MacKane and world known poet- writer Elaine Feinstein. Negar Hasan-Zadeh lives in London/ UK since 2000.


is to burn,
is to burn out,
catching the end, not feeling pain!

And so from the tips of your toes to the tips of your hair
raise a scream naked, bare.
And so to trust its disordered
under rib,
under wing,

under the axe of the stranger…

Nests, trunk – all to the fire,
Eh, my head is whirling.

A song is coming.