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Yaseen Ghaleb


Yaseen Ghaleb is an Iraqi writer who has been based in Helsinki, Finland since 2015. In 2005 he graduated with a Bachelor of English Arts from the University of Basra, Iraq. He is a writer of prose, articles and poetry and he is interested in pursuing dramatic writing.
He published a novel 15+ and a new poetry collection in English and Finnish will be published by Enstone in January 2021.
He is a a member of Finnish PEN, “Kirjailija- ja taiteilijayhdistys Kiila ry”, Uudenmaan Kirjoittajat ry, Sivuvalo Platform ry..,Teksti ry and Nuoren Voiman Liitto ry.

2020, Yaseen Ghaleb
Have you heard the voice of rose?
Open your glass ears, release your fears
The best is coming,
or what is coming is the worse,
gone away, full of anxiety,
to an island yet untouchable
Such as this isolation,
neither time nor death in there
no friends, but God and birds
Have you heard about it before?
Roses tells you the truth,
they are with such kind of lips
But it looks you don’t care,
you don´t think, you don’t listen or hear,
unless voices of cities,
rhetorical media that sells healthcare,
instructions neither reduce nor prolong life
But white roses warned you,
have you heard them?
I am walking in a decomposed corpse
My feet sink in a green bowel,
like bronze at the public squares
I smell blue scent
from someone’s broken eyes
His sperm were still fresh
although he was dead
All glory for truth
for wine and sheded blood,
glory for nothingness in hands of fate,
glory for internal gate of Love
surrounded by generous death
Who’s the maker of that,
for what should I wait?
When you are at home,
near your warm wives,
with your hairy dogs
and your dreams in fogs,
in your secret desires with naked thoughts,
so rember…
life is knife in hands of kids
Prepare your mouth ready to vomit
your scars up onto medical map
from Wuhan to Rome
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