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Adina Tarry


Adina Tarry was born and educated in Romania. She left the country to become a “global expatriate” and live in five other countries on three continents, working for blue chip organisations. In recent years, based in London she is an independent organisational consultant, coach, business psychologist and associate lecturer. Passionate about people, cultures and languages, Adina has always rejoiced in the beauty and diversity of the human creativity. Her other passion is photography, and her literary style has often been described as quite pictorial. Adina fist published some of her writings in Bucharest in 2000, launched that year, at the International Book Fair and also the prestigious book shop “Dalles”. Adina continues writing mainly professional articles, whilst remaining active in literary circles in London.

By Adina Tarry

In full bloom,
Bunches of elongated bells, hang so thick…
Hiding the leafy fresh green,
Under petals of butterfly wing, deprived of scent,
Instead, sending off vibrant particles of colour dust,
Matte lavender mist of odourless fragrance …

Just a few days of grace,
To show this fragile splendour,
Before being blown away by the gentlest of breeze…

Yet their delicate and ephemeral beauty,
Naturally carries their shadow,
Through the times when they are not,
Into the new times, when…
they will become again,
Magnificent Jacaranda trees.

Adina Tarry©2010.