Project Description

Tamara Wilson

Dr Tamara Wilson is a poet, human rights activist and academic. She is a post-nationalist poet and human rights activist with Armenian and Pontic heritage from Turkey. Alongside the exploration of identity and memory in hybrid literary/non-literary forms, she is interested in the retrieval of survival legacies, reclaiming of suppressed identities and heritage sites. Her interdisciplinary doctoral research incorporates national identity and memory formation processes in late Ottoman and Early Republican Turkey; a comparative investigation of the survived and the survivor figure in Turkish and Armenian cultural as well as historical texts; alongside a psychoanalytical evaluation of the manifestation and transmission of trauma in Turkey’s forcibly assimilated survivor groups. Both owing to her Pontic and Armenian heritage and her post-nationalist outlook, she is interested in the utilization of hybrid literary and non-literary forms to bring to life the under-studied aspects of survival. Currently, she is working on the conversion of her verse novel into an ethnic-drama play as part of her fellowship at Roehampton University, London.


To drag      pull     fetch

Four letters across

Six to ten



A descendant of Frankish halen

from Middle English haulen

Haul I write

into the blanks of this chequered page


Haul !

It’s an imperative

So I adhere

and drag your name

through the ashes of discarded myths


Faunus I say