Project Description

Denisse Vargas -Bolaños

Denisse Vargas -Bolaños is a Bolivian poet and writer. She is a member of the feminist literary collective “Las Juanas” and of  SLAP (Spanish and Latin American Poets and Writers). Her poems and short stories were published in various anthologies, literary magazines and fanzines.


From this place
where I rejoice of my woman -being
I open old locks
for a voice to be born

From this place
no fences stop my roots
a mirror vanishes
new branches blossom

From this place
which I reached without roars or compass
I find steps
not as anchors but full moons

From this place
I reached by pushing avalanches
I give the sound back to the name I had to hush

From this place
my legs dance in infinite cycles
creating insurgent tides

From this place
in which history has hidden me under the rug
I spread my flying carpet

From this place
where clothes are mixed with guilts
I dress myself as desire

From this place
my voice reaches the zenith
a reverberation
that cannot be silenced anymore.