Mehrdad Arefani


Mehrdad Arefani Mehrdad Arefani est un cinéaste et poète iranien dissident né en 1963 Emprisonné pour la première fois à l’âge de 18 ans pour ses opinions laïques, il totalisera par la suite cinq ans de détention, balloté d’une prison politique à l’autre, et connaîtra la torture. C’est vers 30 ans qu’il commence son [...]

Nora Armani


Nora Armani Nora Armani plays Shakespeare, Shaw, Hammerstein, Molière, Tchekov, Guitry, Labiche, Fatima Gallaire, Tewfik al Hakim, Gunter Grass, and has toured with SOJOURN AT ARARAT internationally in over 20 cities on four continents in its English and French (Le Chant D’Ararat) versions, together with Gerald Papasian. Nora Armani has interpreted lead roles in [...]

Alemu Tebeje Ayele


Alemu Tebeje Ayele Alemu Tebeje Ayele is an Ethiopian exile journalist, teacher, poet, community activist and website campaigner based in London. He studied Ethiopian Languages and Literature, and Journalism at the universities of Addis Ababa and Wales respectively. He was also awarded a Diploma in Education and Training at the University of Westminster. His [...]

Shamim Azad


Shamim Azad Azad is the most popular Bengali poet in England. She is a bilingual author. She loves to tell stories and perform poems. She has written plays for theatre and published more than 30 books including novels, short stories and poetry both in English and Bengali. Her Bengali books have been published in [...]

Chinwe Azubuike


Chinwe Azubuike Chinwe Azubuike is a strong female contemporary voice from Africa, born in Lagos-Nigeria. Her origins are from Imo State. Her literary development began whilst attending secondary school. She has constantly viewed myself as a spokeswoman for Nigeria's deprived underclass and recognised within herself a strong sense of social justice. This is reflected [...]

Hassan Bahri


Hassan Bahri Hassan Bahri – I was born in Syria 1955 and graduated from USSR (Ukraine) as a Mechanical Engineer 1982. I was political activist and detained for more than 8 years in Syria. During this period I learned French and English and started writing short stories in Arabic and translated several books into [...]

Valbona Bashota


Valbona Bashota Valbona Bashota a Kosovan Albanian born in Kosovo, arrived in the UK in 1994 due to the Serbian repression in Kosova. She studied psychology and journalism at City University in London gaining her degree in 2002. Her poetry was published in many Albanian newspapers, magazines and publications and she took part in [...]

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