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Osita Dima

Osita Dima

Osita Dima is a university student and a poet from Sierre Leone. He enjoys writing poetry and appreciates it as a cathartic medium which allows him to document his thoughts. His work is predominately aimed at young people and he endeavours to shift the paradigm of tradition by inspiring the idea of questioning everything and endeavouring to move to a more pragmatic future.

His first poetry collection will be published in March 2016 and is called ‘EFL’.

Ancestors Arrows

Thawed from a glacier, holding the hands of a child self in a desolate world
Forefathers buried in pieces by fear of reincarnation
But as a young god in this new millennium I’ll not let the noir die with their noses missing
As I am forever a griot’s descendent, though I know there’s still much to do with my Mandingo soul
I’ll need again the occurrence of REM sleep to understand the dreams,
so I ask they pray for this young warrior.
For if I close my eyes now, the third planet from the sun will be played by darkness and I’ll miss the lapse in time,
and if what I have are dreams then they are eternal
As I’ve seen them before in earlier centuries

And with forefather’s inheritance of compassion for mankind I could never be a racist, terrorist, murderer or rapist
As my heart beats vacant of hatred, sometimes I smile at nothing because I know I was fought for
Though there is still a fight, we the lobotomy generation are strong
As in this world known to eat its babies’ young gods scream ‘one race fu-k a doll test’
Because we have broken the matrix, so we open our minds to all human stories
As we are destined to clean this dirty world