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Amna Dumpor

Anna Dumpor

Amna Dumpor was born in 1968 in Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina. During her youth in Mostar, she was involved in the media and theatre which included appearances on the local radio station, television and theatre. In October 1998, she published her first book of poetry ‘Tears in the Heart’ in her home town of Mostar. She has been living in London since 1992.

My Love is a Simple Truth
(Translated from Bosnian by Gianna Salkovic)

Yes I did love you!
Isn’t this simple truth enough for you?

I loved you in the moment
As I inhaled you

Through the stretched skin of my stomach
Waiting for the Mostarian, thirsty summer.

Can’t you live from the moment?
And are important, all these everyday events
Of this simple truth?

Don’t look for me,
In the remains of the destroyed bridge.
Don’t ask me to come back, I have left forever.

Don’t search for my image from the train,
Already departed behind the hills!

Yet I loved you.
As a woman and a poet
Framing you for the most beautiful exhibition of my life.

Therefore, don’t look for me beneath the curtains,
Of a finished act and a destroyed theatre.
There are no performances and no actors!

Please, tear it off from eternity
And it is your moment.
In it, I loved you with a simple truth.