Project Description

Nkosana Mpofu

Nkosana Mpofu is a poet and performer who writes in English and Ndebele. He does workshops in schools, museums and libraries and also performs at openings e.g. art galleries, museums, and public events – commemorations / celebrations, weddings, to name a few. He has a collection of poems in Ndebele and English which cover different subjects including lived experiences, nature, economics, politics and national and international concerns. He lives in Oldham.


Who cares about dead leaves?
Dead leaves trodden
Damp, mouldy, pliable,
Floating trash without destiny
Winds care to distribute

Deciduous trees timely drop the leaves
Nurture the nascent on short leases
To regale their trunks and feed them
Like the trees, autocrats in fashion
Shed their nationals

Litter for refuse collectors,
Rack, blow and burn
Dead, damp leaves lack lustre
Refuse material for composting,
Only a few they pick, press and frame.

Green movements for oxygen
Who cares about dead leaves?
Dead leaves a nuisance
Train delays – foliage on rails
Blow away dead leaves

Dead leaves nutritious
Beneficiaries snub and scoff
The system feigns ignorance
Collects taxes to feed scoffing mouths
Who cares about dead leaves?