Project Description

Marcia Mar

Marcia Mar

Avantgarde Art manifested in music, poetry, prose, paintings, films and live performances.

Paintings: symbolising potential epigenetic transformations.

Performances: mindful of the power of culture focusing on selective content worth sharing in emotion contagion, the Artist, reflects upon mimesis while mirroring/echoing speech of audience members speaking or singing in any language.

Upon receiving the Brazilian International Press Award in 2012 for Best Brazilian Visual Artist in the UK, Mar voiced a Manifesto: “We are all artists, equally unique, co-creating our shared experiences”.

Nominated Peace Ambassador by the Cercle des Ambassadeurs Universel de la Paix in 2014 and experiencing a Near Death Experience in the same year, the Artist is reflecting potential consciousness transformation.

The Artist’s interactive live performance and workshop entitled I Am Another You Mirroring Peace, involve members of the audience sharing, in any language, stories about life’s special moments alongside words, songs or prayers for Inner and World Peace. As words are shared by participants, Mar can be heard echoing the audience’s words almost simultaneously in empathy, like a human mirror reflecting a sense of togetherness, dissolving perceived borders with mindful mimesis ability, a new art form shared.

Mar, improvising acts are mesmerising intangible variations.

Mar is a special guest singer and performer in music concerts or theatre plays in any language, whereby she is able to mirror fellow artists without rehearsing or prior meeting them (as long as the content shared is intended to foster humanity aesthetically and ethically).

Mar’s painting signature is a metaphor for the timeless epigenetic transformations connecting contemporaries, ancestors and future generations. Dreams flowing into dreams weaving story telling about the very capacity for dreaming.

Author of the Poetry book Stella Maris, co-author of Acorde and of the Multicultural Manifesto Movement Mundi I (Urucum) and the Multicultural Manifesto Movement Mundi II (Peace).

Introducing Marcia Mar film documentary by ArtBegetsSpirit