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Hasan Kahya


Hasan Kahya was born in Limassol, Cyprus. He is a poet and translator (DPSI, Institute of Linguists), and has been living in London since 1972. He did Business Studies initially (Polytechnic of North London), and worked in finance for many years till his ‘semi-retirement’ which opened up a whole new world of imagination for him, leading to multiple creative pursuits: visual arts, photography (one of his photographs appeared in Café Art London Calendar), psychoanalytic psychology (he has a Diploma from Birkbeck), and of course, poetry. His poems have appeared in various Turkish, Cypriot and British magazines. (And more recently, in the ‘a poem for europe’ section of The New European, issue 141). His translations of 49 poems from Fikret Demirag (a deceased poet and friend, well known both in Cyprus and in Turkey) were published as a bilingual book in 2015. (English title: In a Silence that is God’s Music). His bilingual poetry book Two Rivers, consists of his own poems as well as those of fellow Cypriot poet Tamer Öncul and was published in 2018 by Arkin University of Creative Arts (has links with De Montfort University of Leicester), Cyprus.


“I love the patter of rain on windows”,
my mother used to say,

though any other sounds
( frogs, dogs and cicadas )

would keep her wide awake.
I do understand now that I’m her age –

the stint at the French nunnery
must’ve done it. Grandpa’s

money, love of foreign languages.
Double-glazing for all weathers!

Though the tremors of hate in Cyprus,
would shake the foundations.

But then, what’s foreign
about the rain –

apart from being an in-betweener,
a rootless nomad, perhaps?

I mean it’s water,
but not plain. Eerie, out of thin air.

Hasan Kahya