Ali Abdolrezaei


Ali Abdolrezaei Ali Abdolrezaei was born 10 April 1969 in Northern Iran. He completed his primary and secondary education at his city of birth and after receiving his Diploma in mathematics passed the nationwide university entrance exams. He graduated with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tehran Technical and Engineering University. He started [...]

Alireza Abiz


Alireza Abiz Alireza Abiz (born in 1968 in Abiz, South Khorasan) is a multi-award-winning Iranian poet, literary critic and translator. He studied English Literature in Mashhad and Tehran universities and received his PhD in Creative Writing –Poetry from Newcastle University in the UK.Abiz has written extensively on Persian contemporary literature and culture. His scholarly [...]

Shanta Acharya


Shanta Acharya Shanta Acharya was born and educated in Orissa, India. In 1979, she came to Oxford where she completed her doctoral thesis. Between 1983-5 she was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard. In 1985, she started her career in investment management with Morgan Stanley in London. She subsequently worked as a Portfolio Manager with [...]

Abdul Ahad


Abdul Ahad Abdul Ahad (b. 1968) is a renowned astronomer/sci-fi writer. He was born and raised up to the age of nine in a tranquil village in the Balaganj Upazila of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Thereafter he moved across to the United Kingdom with his parents and two sisters to take up residence in Luton, Bedfordshire. [...]

Rizwan Akhtar


Rizwan Akhtar Rizwan Akhtar was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He came to England in October, 2008 to pursue a PhD in English at the University of Essex. His PhD thesis is about Postcolonial literature and theory by women writers. His poems have appeared in Poetry Salzburg, Poetry NZ, decanto, Wasifri, Postcolonial Text (forthcoming), Poesia, Pakistaniat and quite a [...]



Tsehay Alemayehu Tsehay Alemayehu was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1968. She studied at the local government school until junior level and joined St Mary’s private school for girls. She graduated with a Diploma in Administration followed by two years of further education at the Commercial College of Addis Ababa. At the age [...]

Bashir Algamar


Bashir Algamar Bashir Algamar was born in Sudan in 1955. He came to England as a political refugee in 1993 after being imprisoned for his poem: Patience on a beach. Since then he has lived in Brighton. Bashir is a poet, songwriter and composer. Since 1991 he has written and composed more than 40 [...]

Malka Al-Haddad


Malka Al Haddad Malka Al-Haddad is an Iraqi human rights defender, living in exile in the UK. Al-Haddad worked as a lecturer at Kufa University, Iraq, and taught literary criticism. Malka’s poetry collection, Birds Without Sky, which was published in the UK, (all proceeds are donated to two UK charities), and longlisted for the [...]

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