Mentoring and Translation Scheme


Exiled Writers INK mentoring scheme

The Mentoring and Translation Scheme was Arts Council funded. Selected refugee and exiled poets and prose writers worked on a one-to-one basis with established poets and writers over eight weeks or so. Each person then produced a chap book featuring their work. Multiple copies were printed and donated to the writers and for many, this was the first time that their work had appeared in English. Finally, a Grand Night of Exiled Writers was held at the Amnesty International Human Rights Centre at which the newly published writers performed their work.

An explosive evening of new work by exiled writers – edited in a two-way process of exiled writing into English and English work into exiled writers’ languages.
Roda Mire, Somali writer, with Esther Lipton, poet and short story writer, barrister Navid Hamzavi, Iranian short story writer and novelist, with David Clark, academic and poet, Mabel Encinas, Mexican poet, with Simon Altmann, physicist and poet Nasrin Parvaz, Iranian writer, with Anouche Sherman, poet, translator and multi-media artist Sofia Buchuck, Peruvian poet, with Laila Sumpton, poet and human rights activist Lara Popovic, Serbian poet, and Hasani Hasani, Zimbabwean poet, with Ziba Karbassi, poet

Are you a refugee, exiled writer whose work needs editing? Contact Exiled Writers Ink will try and match you with a partner. Wanted! Can you work with an exiled, refugee poet or prose writer to edit their work collaboratively? Any help would be appreciated, from editing one or two poems or a short story to doing more. Make your own arrangements with the writer to meet to discuss the work. In return, the exiled writer will translate your work into their language. Exiled Writers Ink will arrange a performance of the edited and translated work of the exiled and English writers. Contact: