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Wafaa Abed Al Razzaq

Wafaa Abed Al Razzaq

1952 – Basrah / Iraq
Currently reside in London / UK
Bachelor degree in accounting

• Ambassador of Iraqi Orphan Children in Iraq – London
* Foundaiton member at the Hope messenger Association – London
• Iraqi Writers Union – Iraq
• Exiled Writers Ink – London / UK
• Iraqi Association, member of the administration comity, head of cultural comity – auditor of Iraqi association newspaper (AL Muntada) – London / UK
• Arabic Union for Internet Writers
• Syrian Story Friends Association – Syria
• Poesat del Mundo
• In addition to may other associations and organizations

• Seven poetry books in traditional Arabic language
• Seven poetry books in Iraqi spoken language
• Six poetry CD’s in Iraqi spoken language – poetry reading accompanied by music
• Two short story books
• Three novels
• One poetic novel

Currently under publication:
From the Dairy of the War Chilled
A poetry book that carries a message against war and calls for world peace. The book is currently under production for an 80 minutes film against war.

• Published in several Arabic magazines and newspapers
• Some of the poems were translated into English and Persian
• Participated in a lot of poetry festivals

The Judge

Oh foolish judge
Don’t bang with your crude hammer
Your slimy impurity
Will decide my death
Words germinating in three
A shirt frolicking
In a bed of roses
The genuflecting angels
Embracing transcendental purity
The sky sucking the rain
Should you observe the drooping shirt
Be cautious
Three things on the guillotine
Will pursue you
Until you metamorphose into a ghost.