Project Description

Thabo Nkomo


Thabo Nkomo, the ‘Border Voice Poet’, was born in 1973 in Zimbabwe and came to the UK as a refugee in 2000. His languages are Ndebele, Zulu and English. He trained as a praise poet and is also a musician, artistic director and teacher and he has recorded four music and poetry albums. One collection has been published in Zulu and he is expecting ‘Tears of my Dreams’ to be published in 2006. He performed in ‘And the City Spoke’: an Exiled Writers Ink production. He has a diploma in education as well as a diploma in journalism.

Song of the hungry spirit

As we are drawn
in hunger and poverty,
bind us together
with codes that cannot be broken;
blend and refine us and
gently glide and sail with us
safely through the unfriendly storm.
Sea waves long for our souls,
jaws of the shark for our flesh and blood.
Darkness has fallen,
the moon refuses to shine;
the stars have fallen,
danger knocks at the door;
claws of death confront us.

Demolish fear and ignorance,
unite us to the bridge across;
tell the Western mountains to give us a warm welcome.
Paint the carpet of mother earth green –
red carpet we fear.
Gently wipe away our flowing tears,
bring back our smiles
and promise us a delicious Sunday roast of true justice.
We salivate for the fried potatoes of love,
green veggies of kindness,
a peaceful and warm Royco gravy.
Beef roast, pork, lamb or chicken?
Give us the freedom of choice
lest you forget the Yorkshire pudding,
lest we forget the grace before meals.