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Racheal Joseph

Racheal Joseph

Born in London to an English mother and Antiguan father. She studied in England and Antigua and has BA (Hons) degree in English Studies from Nottingham University.

Racheal has been an actress for nearly 40 years. Using those skills in schools and youth clubs to teach and support children and young adults with special physical and behavioural needs. Building confidence through drama.

Racheal has turned her hand to writing short stories and poetry. Her work explores what it is to be mixed race, to be disabled, to be seen as different. Or to feel an outsider.

She is working on a collection of poems to be published later this year. which look at each of these issues. And is currently fulfilling engagements across London on the subject of Women and Violence Against Women.

He was young.

He was young.
He was black.
He was shot by police.
Shot in the chest as he
stepped from a car.
Police said they saw
a gun in his hand.
It was their duty.
So they fired first.
The community were
shocked and outraged.
They come together to
voice their concern.
Demanding answers
to questions they raised.
The police remained silent.
No statement was made.
The News papers talked of
Drug Crime and Racism.
Suggesting that police
simply shoot to kill.
Soon public anger turned violent.
Protestors clashed with
police on the street.
Riots erupted in many towns.
Making headline news day after day.
The tragedy that was a young man’s death
overshadowed by ensuing events.
And just for a moment we did forget that
somewhere a mother cries.
©Racheal Joseph