Project Description

Nazanin Rakhshandeh


Nazanin Rakhshandeh born in Iran studied Literature then Sociology. Later went back to study Garden Design. She has worked in the community development area and was a member of the editorial team of an Iranian feminist journal for nine years. She now lives in London and works as both an English as a Second Language teacher and garden designer. She has two children. She has been writing poetry since her youth and her favourite word is ‘life’ and the least favoured one is ‘never’.

27th may 2000

in the warmth of the night
i hung the wet day to dry
and let the weight of memories sink
into the land of dreams

the trellis is of bamboo
of the hollows inside with the outer shell hard

words like marble roll:
haruko hiriko ma’hi
mi hye

yukiko and mi young
ginki yuji oscar

honeysuckle intertwined into that trellis

i sensed the scent of the words
in that warm floating twenty seventh of may night


this sky, has a new moon
situated in the language of blue
in all shades and hues;

for lack of light we image the night black
glitters of the night are hung from the ceiling of my longings
passion and lust
undifferentiated in the greys

the grammar of indigo transforms into a gem
boasting of this blessed crescent

i catch sight of the heavens
and say: ah!!!

an e-mail message

dearie dear me oh me oh my! the idea’s to connect….
click on checking mail enter password the four letter
word so closely guarded as if your only treasure or the dark
secret shared with absolutely no one….getting ready for
connection sign comes on …all reaching out… preparing for
transfer ppp statues dialling 214 1515 starting ppp
authenticating starting network protocols..the cancel key is
there too always if need be…later a pensive snake-that’s the
symbol on my apple – comes on to say you have no new mail!
the deeper your love the greater that missing feeling when it’s
not with the OK box to click on for acceptance that we also
do with due perception..this time it says: the pesky mac tep is
acting up again there are udp streams open udp
maybe unidentified delirious purposes, the news of a new mail
appears as a rooster the one one hopes to hear…born to
touch and be touched we are growing into future generations
of life on earth oh yes we were meant to be together like the
green in the forest that bonds the trees to the ferns and the
moss to… and with loneliness comes a feeling of without and
not from within the idea’s to connect love is a human
condition were born to touch and grow into future
generations of life on earth and loneliness comes when love’s
not..once again the pesky mac tep is acting up again and I’m
so living the life of the god of small things time rolls on
and on and this is a message in an e-mail yes you
have mail! from nazanin