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Furat Esbir


Furat Esbir was born in Syria in 1958 and moved to New Zealand in 2001. She writes about women’s and children’s rights for Arabic newspapers and magazines.She has published three poetry books: Like Water she Can’t be Broken (2004), Trick of Mystery (2006) and The Flower of the Naked Mountains (2009).

The Morning Smiles but Does Not See Me

Furat Esbir

Translated By Adil Saleh

I have set the mountains free;

The flower, at its utmost distraction,

Is ransoming the far-off stars.

The sun puts my neck on,

And a fire illuminates me.

The morning smiles but does not see me;

It stumbles on

And weeps for a day whose legacy it has sold.

Love has changed me.

I am no longer Venus

Or Mercury;

I am no longer any of the planets.

I am a woman

That roams the wilderness in rusty slippers of dreams