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Freddy Macha

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Freddy Macha is a Tanzanian born writer and musician. Recently, Bongo Celebrity Blog portrayed him as amongst influential artists in East Africa. He has published two Swahili story collections, won writing awards, recorded several albums and fronted bands in Tanzania, Germany, Brazil and UK. Currently he runs workshops in schools, jails and colleges; while performing live music regularly and is fervently keen on television, media and film work, e.g. the recent launched Africans In London Television ( Freddy Macha’s blogs promotes the unreported, unknown sub-cultural world :


When Mr. and Mrs. god made the world they both knew
houses would glow, flowers shine, cars screech scratch with laughter
Mrs. Goddess was the ultimate princess
just like the kings and queens who rule earth’s kingdoms with so much evil today
forgetting the past working for the future that seems bleak
like star trek video games
distorted ,dignified , but worried

Cockroaches used to live in palaces
with mosquitoes as their efficient servants. then came Adam-Eve and their gang
they invented : conquer, plunder, investment with multi-pesticides pollution…
everybody fled!
elephants, snakes, lions, ruled the jungles
the fish decided waters should be best hiding. everybody started killing everyone. multi pesticides, bullets: survival of the fittest

Mmmmh….today. ladies walk tall (feeling low)
men’s eyes hide in fears , guns & beers
the drunk, drugged, stoned shout their myths of a lost
…erection. Viagra, Viagra, Viagra…
parents sleep in separate bedrooms. kids learn to die of loneliness, restlessness, confusion very early on loving hip-hop, ecstasy
becoming masters of spiritual emptiness
(the law of the jungle that god knows so well)

Christmas comes.
families eat, belch, embrace
but soon running back to snow, jobs & taxes
extremists, meantime blow bombs : create fear
talking of the end of the world. they love to terrorise those with a power of peace, innocence, providence, excellence, prudence, intelligence….
you are never sure when is your next meal!
you are never sure how long you will live!
floods! hurricanes! famines! earthquakes! wars! AIDS! ozone fear!
sp i r i t u a l h u n g e r!

God! Goddess! God!
don’t just sit there ! you made this movie , please sir!
heal your house ! recreate us! bandages are needed…
Mrs. goddess give peace makers and lovers more power!
Lets dance the choreography of optimism …
God, do something your highness!
Allah Waakbar…

© Freddy Macha
Quebec, Canada, 12th November ,1994