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Issue 7

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Shahrokh Reisi entitled: ‘Ziba’s Shadow’

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EXILED INK! MAGAZINE, Issue 7, Summer 2007


The Landscape of Exiled Women with poetry, prose and essays on a range of subject areas including Ayan Hirsi, Nwal Al Sadaawi, Crossing the Border, Exiled D. R.Congolese women writers, the male perspective, poetry etc by Mehrangiz Rassapour, Keena-Diid Caynaane, Abdullahi Botan, Jennifer Langer, Rouhi Shafii, Reza Baraheni, Isabelle Romaine, Pireeni Sundaralingam, Sulaiman Addonia and Fathieh Saudi

The Poetic Exilic Space with poetry by Shanta Acharya, Yuyutsu RD Sharma, Mark Hill, Mir Mahfuz Ali, Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu and Fathieh Saudi

Russian and Chechen Spaces with essays on Ilya Kormiltsev, German Sadulaev and Andrey Platonov by: Miriam Frank, Anna Gunin and Robert Chandler

Balkan Past Times: Poetry and prose by Valbona Voca Bashota, Mirza Muštovic and Sonja Besford

The Making of a Dissident Writer by Shereen Pandit

Reviews of books and films including essay on film and censorship: Lynette Craig, Janna Eliot, Nia Davies, David Clark, Cristina Viti and Nathalie Teitler

Books reviewed: Bells of Speech by Nazand Begikhani, Look, we have coming to Dover by Daljit Nagra, The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid, The Myrtle Tree by Jad El Hage