Project Description

EXILED INK! MAGAZINE, Issue 12, autumn/winter 2009


Conflict Zones – Sri Lanka
Poetry: R. Cheran, Thirumavalavan, Sivamohan Sumathy
Prose: Rohini Hensman
Articles: Sri Lankan Tamil Poetry – Rohini Hensman, Historical Background – Lakshmi Holmstrom

Poetry: Sholeh Wolpe, Esther Kamkar, Majid Naficy, Afshin Babzadeh, Reza Hiwa
Articles: Last Straw for Iranians – Fariba Marzban, Haleh Esfandiari – Claire Messud

Syria (Kurdish)
Poetry: Hussein Habash

Poetry: Mikhail Isin Eldin
Article: Apti Bisultanov – Sieglinde Geisel
Short Story: Tamara Islamova

Theatre Production and Script excerpts

Exiled Writers Ink National Mentoring and Translation Project
Poetry and Prose

Latin American Exile
Prose: Marta Raquel Zabelata Hinrichsen/ Alfredo Cordal
Poetry: Gisela Jachniuk

Exiled from Israel
Poetry: Haim Bresheeth

Writing Africa
Short Story: Fiston Mwanza
Poetry: Kiluanji Kush
Article: Caine Prize: Nisha Jones

Anthology of Somali Literature – review: Stephen Watts
Leaving Tangiers by Tahar Ben Jelloun – review: Albert Pellicer
Rooftops of Tehran by Sholeh Wolpe – review: Jeremy Edward Shiok
Like Myth and Mother by S. Sumathy – review: Lynette Craig