Project Description

Belinda Zhawi


photo by: Amaal Said

Belinda Zhawi is a 24 year old writer and educator born in Zimbabwe; resident in London. Her work focuses on her memories of living in rural and urban Zimbabwe whilst exploring the role this has played in shaping the narrative of her life thus far. She’s performed across the UK in numerous venues, festivals and events including Africa Writes, Bestival and Barbican. Some of her work has been published in the anthologies Liminal Animals and Casagrande: Rain Of Poems. In May 2013 she featured as one of Channel 4’s Random Acts. She co-founded and hosts the monthly poetry night, BORN::FREE and is currently on of five 2015/16 London Laureates.

Extract from Belinda’s poem ‘Immigrant Life’

She flew over
seas and waters
full of the fear and faith
that those who cross bridges
hold inside them.
There were no friends
waiting with flowers
and gifts.
No guaranteed job,
just a distant cousin
who promised to wait
at Heathrow with a smile,
an encouraging word
She simply sent money
each month.
Worked like a dog
so her 3 children
could fly over
seas and waters,
full of the fear and faith
that those who love
to cross bridges
hold inside them