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Barbara L. Lopez Cardona


Born in Medellin, Colombia, South America, Came to London in 1980 escaping from war and the violation of Human Rights.“I write since I can remember . I don’t possess tertiary education that support my literary career, I just write from my heart using other people experiences as well as my own. I try through my poems and stories to reveal real life events.” Published work “fantasmas, amor y mas” with two Colombian colleagues in a fantastic mixture of poems and short stories by in 2013Her poem “Hidden ” was chosen to be part of the anthology “In Protest ” published by the University of London in conjunction with the Human Rights Consortium.Her work has appeared in various online literary magazines, newspapers and blogs both in Spanish and English.She participates in numerous literary events through out the year – World Day for Peace, Women’s Day, Latin American Day, Poets for the Peace in Colombia and lots of charity events supporting theHuman Rights -She takes part in poetry readings on regular basis and had been invited to read her poems in Latin-American online Radio programs.Co-founder and active member of literary groups between the Latin-America community.A member of SLAP ( Spanish and Latin American Poets) a closed group of poets and writers of various Latin-American countries and Spain. A member of Bards Without Borders a group of poets and writers with a refugee and migrant background.

Apart from writing she also takes part in Theatre plays and sings ina community choir.

My Twin

This is like looking for a needle in a haystack,
not knowing where to start.

I know you are out there,
somewhere, back homebut,
how to reach you?
I do not know!

I look in the mirror
trying to see you in my reflection
but, I only remember you
as you were before our separation.

I close my eyes and run with you
along the plantain fields,
enjoying the sweet fresh smell of coffee
and of wet meadows

I can see your tanned skin
your hands, which resemble mine
and your wild hair playing with the wind

Then I long for what I lack
by not being with my other half

I would go to see you tomorrow
if only, if only it were that easy!
then I would hold you very tight
so never be apart again.

I would tell you about my life
in this enchanting land
of fairy castles and kingdoms,
full of palaces, bridges and commoners

and You will tell me about yourself
about your dreams and desire
sand together we shall overcome
the sadness of exile

My heart cries every night
while I surrender to sleep.
Your nose is so like mine
that one without the other … cannot breath!

© Barbara L. Lopez Cardona