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Mohammad Akbar Kargar

KargarI, Mohammad Akbar Kargar was born on 14/08/1953 in Kunar province of Afghanistan. I was seven years old when I went to a primary school in my own village called Mazar Valley. When I finished my primary school, I was admitted to Avecena High school I Kabul, capital of Afghanistan.In 1974 I went to Kabul University and studied the faculty of literature and Humanity Department f Philosophy and Social Science. I graduated in 1977 and started working in the science academy of Afghanistan.

1978 –78 Ministry of Culture and Information, Kabul Afghanistan. After ten months in detention for political reasons I started working later on.
1980 –81-Deputy Chief of Radio Afghanistan (National Radio) in Kabul. Then appointed as deputy of Haqiquti Enqelabi Sour Newspaper (a formal newspaper of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan) Kabul.
1981 –85 Director General of Radio Afghanistan Kabul .
1985 –87 President of Press and Publications, State Committee (Ministerial level)
1978- 89 President of Press and printing department of PDPA. Kabul
1990 – 92 Elected Deputy of Writers’ Association of Afghanistan, Kabul.
1992 94 Unemployed in Kabul Afghanistan.
1995 – 98 Scriptwriter of Drama, Input Coordinator. Input Synopsis coordinator, Translator in BBC, Afghan Educational projects based in Peshawar, Pakistan.
Also from 1985 until 1992 I worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies in Kabul University.


1, Shebie, collection of short stories published in 1983.
2, Senda za senda bahega collection of short stories published in 1986
3,Da Zamano Sandra collection of short stories, published in 1991
4, Ghani DA shago pa Mahal kee’ research about life and poetry of Ghani Khan published in 1985.
5- So adabee yadawani’ (Literary articles about Pushtu literature) published 1987
6- Mystic and Philosophical Profile of Bayazid Roshan as reflected in Halnama’ (research) published by Sciences Academy of Afghanistan in 1990.
7-Member of the Commission for Cultural Policy for Afghanistan (UNESCO).
8- Che MASHOMAN SANDARA WA WAEE, collection of short stories published in Peshawar in 1998.
9-Since 1974 I published many different articles in newspapers and magazines in Kabul and Peshawar
10- Grand Assembly and Great Decision.
11- Literature and endocrinal world. (Research)
12- Terrorism and War (Translation)
13- Short stories, (New volume unpublished)

Marriage Life
I got married in 1973 in my own village in Afghanistan. My wife is a house wife. I have six children .My elder daughter Negeen Kargar studied Medicine. My second daughter Zarghuna Kargar studied Journalism. My third daughter is studying Economic in Utrekht University. And my other daughter Hina is currently studying her A levels. My son Wader Kargar and other daughter Shahernaz Kargar is currently studying in High school.

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