Special Webzine

Issue 3

(Download the webzine).

This is a spotlight on the Exiled Writers Ink Agit Lit Café which was a powerful evening in partnership with Amnesty International. It focuses on four human rights activists and poets: Ahmed Mansoor (UAE), Ashraf Fayadh (Saudi Arabia), Galal El-Behairy (Egypt) and Nedim Türfent (Turkey).


Exiled 2

 Exiled Ink E-Magazine

Issue 2

This is the second issue of Exiled Ink e-magazine and its focus is on borders in all its diverse manifestations. To escape or move from the country of origin to the UK invariably involves an act of not only crossing physical borders but also cultural, imaginative and language borders. (download the magazine here)



Exiled Ink E-Magazine

Issue 1

Many of you will remember Exiled Ink print magazine which can still be viewed on our website – the first magazine dedicated to the work of refugee and immigrant writers. Now we are resuscitating Exiled Ink magazine but this time in electronic form. Exiled Writers Ink welcome you with pleasure to our first issue of Exiled Ink e-magazine (click here for the -magazine or download the magazine here)