Project Description

May Al-Issa

Al Issa

Holds MA in translation & Linguistics from University of Westminster as well as MSc in International Finance from Westminster Business School. Her first academic thesis was a translation of Chomsky’s “World Orders: Old and New” of which Chomsky himself praised her enlightening political and linguistics analysis in his formal letter to her. Granted distinction on her thesis: “Forecasting Volatility of Oil Prices and their Effects on the Economy.” The project was chosen to be in the library of Westminster Business School as future reference.

Through her poems, proses and short stories addresses political issues within social and personal matters. Although she reads her English and Arabic poems at different venues even on TV Intreviews (i.e. Alhiwar); her Arabic writings appeared in prominent magazines and journals such as “Sayyidaty,” Asharq Alawsat” and “Alquds” since the 90s. This is besides other online literature magazines such as the English poetry magazine: “Ink, Sweat & Tears” . The translation of David Hare’s “Via Dolorosa” appeared in the literary Periodical of “Oud Annad” amongst others.

The contribution of economics and financial analysis appears at “Al-Hayat” newspaper.

May’s poetry books “Warm Whispers;” published by the Arab Institute of Publishing and Distributing, Amman-Jordan in 2000 was successfully sold in the Arab World. “and.. She Whispered;” published by Akad, Cairo-London in 2014.

She also writes about art and its techniques. Always attends prominent classes in Arts updating and experimenting new techniques. Haiku & Haiga are hidden in her paintings and calligraphy –preferable media: watercolour besides silk-painting. Her work also displays in exhibitions. May is a potential member of the Exiled Writers Ink. She’s also a member at The Society of Authors, Translators Association, The Poetry Society and Author’s Licensing & Collecting Society Ltd (ALCS).


And there it is… Hanging on a wall Only canvas cracked in despair
In an empty scene
But there she was Lady Lying like a crescent Tenderly blushing In paradise lying Flowers blossoming With love rhythms singing her life
In a final touch The groom stroke
Grazing her soul Picked up her “flower”
Bleeding her into “paint”
Mocking her life In a tableau

Between shadow and light Tone disappeared Murmuring her life in a hidden face

And the moon eclipsed
Cuddled the garden
Weeping unfrozen tears
Flaring “colourful pain”

The English Version of the Arabic:

My Mother’s Son
My mother’s son!
Wolves are reborn
In a continuous beat
I saw them
Here and there
With their grin(s)
Ripping my flesh

My mother’s son
Where’s my mom?
Those wolves
In their millions
Are surrounding me
Yes. I can see them
Here and there
Thousands of eyes
Celebrating their feast
In piercing
Tooth upon tooth upon tooth
Into my heart
Here. There. Here. There.
Oh! You! My mother’s son.
Where’s my mom?
They salute
My live burial
And here they are:
Breaking necks
Sucking blood
By raising a cheer.

Oh my mother’s son,
Where’s my mom?
I can only see wolves
Suckle the generations
With their beastly milk

Oh you, my mother’s son.
Where is my mom?
“Joseph” is yet lying in the well.
Away from his dad.
“Cane and Able” are “Blood Brothers”
Oh yes! Can I see?
“My brother and I are against my cousin;
But my cousin and I are against the stranger”
Is “the enemy of my enemy not my friend?”
“What” is my brother?

I can only see
My brother who snubs me
Not who ennobles me
Oh you
My mother’s son
My mother’s son
Ah mom