Exiled Writers Ink is an organisation that brings together writers from repressive regimes and war-torn situations and it equally embraces migrants and exiles. Exiled Writers Ink develops and promotes the creative literary expression of refugees, migrants and exiles, encourages cross-cultural dialogue and advocates human rights through literature and literary activism. The network provides a platform for the work of writers living in the UK and mainland Europe through performance, publishing, training and education activities. We believe that the literature and culture of exile can provide a focus for communication and integration throughout society and act as a force for positive change.

Exiled Writers Ink was formally established in 2000 and is a registered charity.

Cafe 2017

Women writers: from exile towards multiculturalism

EXILED LIT CAFE February 2017

February 2017

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Exiled Writers Ink AGM with invited guest and festive food.


Thursday 15th December 2016 at 7 pm

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dolphinFree Raaouf Delphi

Raaouf Delphi is an Iranian writer from Abadan, active in literary circles especially in Kalej Sher (Poetry College) a virtual group of literary activists, where Raaouf has been actively involved in creating a new wave of poetry in Persian.
It is five days now since he, along with another writer Hassan Mousavi (Seyed Khoon) have been arrested and held in custody and their work and belongings confiscated. These arrests appear to be arbitrary and related to their exercise of free speech and Exiled Writers Ink along with other literary bodies demand their release.