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Kurdish Cover

The Fleeing Garden: Kurdish Exiled Voices

Edited by Choman Hardi

Published 2006 by Exiled Writers Ink

Cost: £3 + £1 postage and packing

Reviewed By Bianca Brigitte Bonomi for the Institute of Race Relations.

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Across the Divide

Across the Divide is an innovative anthology of prose and poetry created in EWI’s Across the Divide creative discussion and writing sessions for Jews, Muslims, Israelis, Palestinians and Arabs generally.

Cost: £3 plus £1 postage and packing.

Chap books produced in the Mentoring and Translation Programme

Exiled writers mentored:

Ghareeb Iskander, Bart Wolffe, Andrea Pisac, Ziba Karbassi, Mariana Zavati, Adnan Ahmed, Maria Eugenia Bravo Calderara, Adnan Al-Sayegh, Hasan Bamyani, Abol Froushan, Hassan Bahri, Vesna Ruzicka, Sofia Buchuck, Ali Abdolrezaei, Mogib Hassan, Samira Al-Mana, Bashir Al-Gamar, Mir Mahfuz Ali, Shirin Razavian, Shereen Pandit.

Graham Fawcett, Bernadine Evaristo, Robert Chandler, Blake Morrison, Fiona Sampson, Stephen Watts, Jacob Ross, Moniza Ali, Martina Evans, George Szirtes, Carole Angier.


Fathieh Saudi, Professor Paul Starkey, Robert Chandler.

Cost: £3 plus £1 postage.

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Anthologies of exiled literature edited by Jennifer Langer

If salt has memory

If Salt Has Memory

391 pages
ISBN 978-1-905512-36-2,

Available from bookshops or, post free, from
Five Leaves Publications,
PO Box 8786, Nottingham, NG1 9AW

Tel: 0115 9693597

If Salt Has Memory explores exile in the modern Jewish world. The book is not directly connected to the Holocaust, but reflects another layer of Jewish exile among those who had to leave their homes for political or literary reasons. In many cases, however, the book gives voice to those who had to leave in the face of ethnic cleansing.

If Salt Has Memory comprises essays, memoir and fiction by Jewish writers in exile from many lands — contributors include the former leader of the Tupamaros guerrillas in Uruguay, a philosopher from Tunisia, a playwright from Zimbabwe, and writers from Yemen, Libya, Bosnia, Cuba. Poland, Ethiopia, Turkey, Hungary and South Africa. Jewish writers in exile from Iraq, Iran and South America are well represented. Many of the essays appear in English for the first time.

Contributors include Andre Aciman (author of Out of Egypt); Eli Amir (Farewell, Baghdad); Ariel Dorfman (Death and the Maiden); Moris Farhi (Children of the Rainbow); Nairn Kattan (Farewell Babylon); Sami Michael (Trumpet in the Wadi); Gillian Slovo (author of the Orange Prize short-listed Ice Road); George Szirtes (winner of the TS Eliot prize for poetry); Albert Memmi (The Colonizer and the Colonized). Many other contributors are also well known internationally, writing in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish and other languages.

Jennifer Langer established Exiled Writers Ink – the organisation of refugee writers, based in London. She is the daughter of refugee parents and the editor of three previous Five Leaves collections by refugee and exiled writers.


THE SILVER THROAT OF THE MOON: Writing in Exile (includes essays on the literature of exile)

325 pages,
ISNB 0-907123-65-1,

Available from bookshops or, post free, from
Five Leaves Publications,
PO Box 8786, Nottingham, NG1 9AW

Tel: 0115 9693597

Five Leaves Publications is pleased to announce a new anthology by refugee and exiled writers. Silver Throat of the Moon includes prose and poetry from writers originating in countries as diverse as Algeria and Zimbabwe, Somalia and Iran, Kurdistan and Afghanistan.

As well as poetry, memoir and fiction the collection includes a series of essays about being writers in exile. These articles range from the difficulties in holding on to traditional rural imagery in Somali literature through to the, perhaps temporary identity of a whole generation of young writers of Algerian origin whose lives have been spent entirely in France.

Some contributors, including, Choman Hardi, Sousa Jamba, Reza Baraheni, Yang Lian, Dubravka Ugresic and the late Miroslav Jancic are now well known internationally for their writing in English; others, including Maxamed Ibrahim ‘Hadraawi’, Ziba Karbassi and Saadi Youssef are appreciated internationally but may be new to readers of English. Many of the writers are members of Exiled Writers Ink – a London-based organisation set up by Jennifer Langer, editor of Silver Throat of the Moon.

Crossing the border

CROSSING THE BORDER: Voices of Refugee and Exiled Women Writers

Edited by Jennifer Langer

300 Pages
Five Leaves Publications
ISBN 0-907123-63-5
Price: £9.99
Available Now

Women and children make up 80% of the world’s refugee population, yet their voices are seldom heard.

In Crossing The Border, women writers from Somalia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Turkey, Northen Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosova and the Congo tell their stories. All the women are refugees or are living in exile.

In addition to the stories and memories, Crossing The Border includes articles on women’s lives and on women’s writing in each of these countries.

Those publications are available from selected bookshops and direct from
Five Leaves Publications Five Leaves Publications, PO Box 8786, Nottingham, NG1 9AW
Tel: 0115 9693597

Refugees writing


Edited by Jennifer Langer

208 Pages
Five Leaves Publications
ISBN 0-907123-37-6

The Bend in the Road Teaching Pack

12 A4 Pages,
ISBN 0-907123-42-2
Price: £5.00

Refugees bring with them a new culture, language and perspective. The writer in exile can be a link between cultures, nations and peoples. Exile is one of the earliest phenomena of human existence.

In this book, recent refugees describe their lives in fiction, poetry and memories. Most of the contributors are well-known in their countries of origin – Miroslav Jancic (Bosnia), Sherko Bekas (Kurdistan), Buland Al-Haidari (Iraq), Pius Ngandu Nkashama (Zaire), Maxamed Ibraahim ‘Hadraawi’ (Somalia) and many more.

As well as refugees’ own writing, The Bend In The Road includes an outline of the political history and literary tradition of the countries covered.

Jennifer Langer, herself the daughter of refugees, works in refugee education in London.

“This book should be compulsory reading for every Home Office official and immigration appeals adjudicator.” Race and Class.

“The breadth of the material is impressive.” Times Educational Supplement.

Those publications are available from selected bookshops and direct from
Five Leaves Publications Five Leaves Publications, PO Box 8786, Nottingham, NG1 9AW
Tel: 0115 9693597