Project Description

Afshin Babazadeh

Afshin Babazadeh arrived in Britain in 1979 from Iran. He studied engineering and management. He has published five collections of poetry in Persian, including “Letters to the Sister of Stones,” “Breakfast in a Better Situation,” “When I Lie Down Next to You,” “Cows,” and “The Passage of Escape.” In addition to his poetry, Babazadeh has showcased his versatility as a writer, penning three plays and two scripts. Notably, one of his plays, “The Newspapers Talking,” was on stage in London at the Little Angel Theatre.

Mr Fly

Mr Fly
I see you sitting on the pastry
Rubbing your hands
I can see you put your head down
In your own world
In your dreams
Sitting with me in this cafe
You are not even frightened of me
I have seen you since my youth
You have no sting
I too putting my head down
In my own world
In my own dreams
Just like you
I am not frightened of anyone