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  • The organisation aims to facilitate the wider dissemination of work by writers in exile and to ensure they have a platform.

  • It aims to raise awareness of literature by writers in exile by organising events such as seminars, workshops, conferences, interactive performances and festivals.

  • It aims to facilitate the publication of work by writers in exile including addressing translation issues.
  • It aims to give a high profile to translators who enable the work of exiled writers to become accessible.

  • It aims to develop literary creativity in the broadest sense within the refugee communities.

  • It aims to work in an education context in schools, colleges etc.

  • It aims to form links with other literary/arts groups.

  • It aims to act as a pressure group against racism and the abuse of human rights worldwide.

  • It aims to develop dialogue through literature.

Poetry Café, London
Photo: Miriam Frank


Writers originate from:

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, China, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jamaica, Kosova, Kurdistan, Latin America, Nigeria, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uganda, Zimbabwe and other countries and including writers from all ethnic minority groups as well as Holocaust survivors.

Some examples of our work

  • Creative writing workshops with and for refugees and exiles in London and increasingly across the UK and Europe e.g Diaspora City: Global Refugees with Staffordshire University and Afghan Youth Association; dialogue through literature e.g Across the Divide workshops.
  • Exiled Writers Ink offers workshops with established exiled writers for schools, colleges and other organisations and groups.
  • Mentoring and Translation Scheme
  • Publications: Exiled Ink magazine. Anthologies: Kurdish literature, Across the Divide and chap books by individual exiled writers. Anthologies of literature by exiled writers published by Five Leaves www.fiveleaves.co.uk
  • Live Literature: Exiled Lit Cafe at the Poetry Cafe, London; Voices in a Strange Land in Margate, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds; Voices in a Strange City at the Tricycle, Bull and Questors theatres; Foyles bookshop; Somali-Exiled Voices Fusion, Border Words at Borders bookshop, Haringey Literature Festival etc
  • Theatre Performances: Breaking the Silence: Somali Women Speak Out performed at Hampstead, Soho, Arts Depot, Birmingham Rep, Abbey St Albans, The Junction Cambridge, and Burton Taylor Oxford theatres; Peeling the Skin of Time performed at the New End and Arcola Theatres; And the City Spoke: European Exiled Voices performed in London, Warsaw, Gdynia and Ferrara; A Mouthful of Africa performed at Oxford House theatre.
  • Seminars and Conferences: Another Land Another Voice at the Soho Theatre and Writers Centre in association with Index on Censorship; Exiled Ink Summer LitFest; Writing Resistance ConFest in association with English Pen, joint seminars with the School of Advanced Study etc. Participation in conferences: Writing Diasporas at Swansea University, Fortress Europe and its 'Others' at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, Women, Migration and Human Rights, Casablanca, etc
  • Events: Sep 11th: The Voice of the Outsider; Across the Divide: Palestinian and Israeli writers speak out; Forgotten Genocides: Halabja and Anfal, Kosova: Sharing the Pain